Before we selled products, and now we sell factories and 
production lines to help foreign customers build factories locally. 
Achieve international production capacity coorperation,
BFC preferred!

Your easier way to build factories.

Welcome to join our "Global trade partner" business plan, BFC 
is globally recruiting "DIDI foreign trade sophisticated driver” 
and join in BFC “global sales maker" rank .Go abroad collectively
 along the Belt and Road countries and build factories overseas! 
Go abroad! Cutting overcapacity and destocking!
As long as you provide the customer's construction needs or
 customer’s requirement of equipment, production lines, spare
 parts, after-sales service to us, from the transaction to the after-
sale, BFC provides pre-sale, in sale, after-sale and other one-
stop service, the entire transaction process, such as trade nego-
tiations, technical programs, financial services, export services, 
after-sales  service, etc. all by BFC gets.
Your customers have always been your customers, your income 
is always yours, we are only a third - party platform, "you want, I
 have, while you need me, I am at your side!
Buy from China,Equip the world;
The Belt and Road Initiatives,Along with you and me.

Please scan the QR code,welcome to join our "Global trade 
partner" business plan.Let’s go abroad collectively,help foreign 
customers build their factories locally! 
Your easier way to build factories.


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